Monday, 21 April 2014

CP 9111

This scene of CP Rail’s Dayliner 9111 was captured in 1969, about a year before CP Rail’s Montreal to Megantic daily trains 206 and 201 were discontinued. 

In the late 1960's the 9111 was often assigned to trains 206 and 201. Many times I watched solo 9111 roll through Milan, Quebec, but rarely making the scheduled flag-stop. Once in a while trains 206 and 201 would be flagged and occasionally I was the arriving or departing reason for the stop.

While the train in the photo has not been identified, the location is Windsor Station in Montreal. The 9111 appears to be an arriving train and not a deadhead back-up move to CPR’s Glen Yard in Westmount.

Judging from the direction of the hazy sunlight I would venture to guess the time of day would have been early afternoon. Perhaps this was train 201 arriving from Megantic, the train was due into Windsor Station at 13:05.

The Oddblock Station Agent 

Addendum April 21, 2014 

Another look at an old friend. 

CP9111 appeared to have changed little in the ten years that followed the demise of CP Rail's Montreal-Magantic trains 206 and 201.

CP9111 as seen in former colours.

Two RDC-2's comprise Train 32, The Alouette, seen here departing from Windsor Station in Montreal. The lead car was Boston & Maine and the trailing unit was CP 9111.) 4/10/1958 L.B.Chapman Collection)