Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Train 202

Donald Haskel recorded a once daily railway event at Sherbrooke, Quebec, that is now long gone.

In December 1963, Canadian Pacific Railway’s daily Train 202 en route from Montreal to Megantic, was stopped at Sherbrooke, Quebec.

During the obligatory ten minute wait, the rail diesel cars would be separated. The lead unit (far end near the signal) would continue on to Megantic. The remaining units would be left behind at Sherbrooke, to be added on to Train 203 from Megantic in the afternoon. 

During holiday periods, and weekends when passenger counts warranted, more than one rail diesel car would make the trip to Megantic.

Copied from the Canadian Pacific Railway public timetable issued October 31,1965

The last week of December 1965 saw Train 202 from Montreal arriving about noon at Milan, Quebec. The consist was an unidentified F unit, a baggage car and four coaches instead of the usual single rail diesel car. Every train nut has to start with a first train photograph and this was my first.

In early 1966, trains 202 and 203 were discontinued. Trains 206 and 201 had their trips lengthened to continue providing local passenger service between Sherbrooke and Megantic. The same CPR practice of subtracting and adding RDC units from and to trains at Sherbrooke continued until August 01, 1970, when trains 206 and 201 disappeared forever.

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