Monday, 11 February 2013

The Donut Limited

CP Rail's "The Donut Limited"

Probably enough time has passed so that telling this story is safe without wondering about getting someone into trouble.

This scene of CP Rail’s diesel locomotive M-630 numbered 4511, with two other unidentified units, was captured in July 1984 at Sherbrooke, Quebec, near Landers, mile 70.6 of CP Rail’s Sherbrooke Subdivision.

We had stopped at a Tim Hortons for donuts and immediately I spotted the diesel lash-up idling behind the parking lot. Kie went inside to buy the donuts while I chose to grab a few photographs. While I was busy fiddling with the camera, one of the crew members carrying a bag exited Tim Hortons, quickly boarded the 4511 and then the three units highballed eastward to the Sherbrooke train station.

Circumstances observed indicated that the trio (which were seen a few minutes later at the Sherbrooke station) had been dispatched for a very “hot” freight shipment, hence a new name-train, "The Donut Limited."

The Oddblock Station Agent

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