Saturday, 13 July 2013

On the Right Track???

Maybe I should get something like this for the back yard... it would probably easily fit right in front of Oddblock Station.... at least that was the first thought that came to mind upon seeing this.

This is the entrance to a restaurant. The location is reported to be somewhere in Seoul, South Korea. An extraordinarily creative use for what may have been a piece of abandoned narrow gauge railway.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum October 02, 2013

With some images comes the difficulty of trying to define which category they best fit into. The following image is one of those... but in the end I have to conclude that this vehicle was on the right track... the CPR right of way.

This must surely be an interesting way to ride the rails...I wonder if a nearby truck dealer has any in stock. That being said, I wonder how far I would get in one of these before running into trouble... or something bigger coming the other way.

Actually this railway maintenance vehicle shown was busy with track inspection after tie replacement. This vehicle was there because it was moving under railway-issued track occupancy operating authority and protection... in a similar manner as a train would move over the track.

A while later the pick-up was gone and a green flag was up.

A Canadian Pacific Railway pick-up truck on the rails.

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