Monday, 16 September 2013

More Railway Art

North American Railways seem to go out of their way to make their freight cars as plain and anonymous looking as possible. In a way, small wonder that drab looking rail cars idling away and rusting in rail yards attract the artists.

If I did not see this stuff passing by, I would never believe art work like this could exist. 

To be honest, I am not out there looking for this stuff. Train photos are what I'm really after. The art work just happens to be there, and in the way sometimes.

These artists are certainly not reaching world audiences through traditional and stuffy, maybe even pretentious, mainstream art channels. Here's another sampling of their art for art's sake. 

One can only wonder what goes through the minds of the creative individuals who live in these different sub-cultures that populate and stalk railway yards in search of another "steel canvas" to cover.

DARK SPICE - need anything else be said? Yeah! Maybe! What is dark spice?

CREATIVE - The door's locking bars have been incorporated into the painting. I have no idea what the remainder means. Any suggestions out there?

2nd LOOK - You just gotta love these two guys behind bars.

BAD CONTRAST - Difficult to see and I have no idea what message may be behind this one. Pink rhymes with stink, and this entry does. Call this a case study in how not to paint.

SOMEONE - It took me a while to figure this one out but it looks just looks like someone; I just don't know who though.

MTL PUNKS - One can only wonder what message the artist wishes to convey, however, is it possible that MTL means Montreal? Did this artist travel on the rails only to end up in Montreal? I suppose we'll hear a tantrum from Pauline "Mauvais" Marios ranting that the painting was done in English only should we ever learn the art work originated in Quebec.

QUOI?? - on the subject of Quebec politics, this message makes about as much sense if not more.

HONOURABLE MENTION - for good use of colours but I wish I could figure out what it means.

GRAND PRIZE - Grand prize this week goes to this one for clarity. How can anyone look at Charlie Brown and not wonder whether or not he shall at last catch that fly ball? Well done!

The Oddblock Station Agent

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