Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Montreal "B" Folder

What was a Montreal "B" folder?

Nothing more than Canadian Pacific Railway's smaller, pocket-sized, train schedules for their passenger train services that originated from Montreal.

I personally picked up two copies of this particular schedule at Windsor Station in Montreal back in 1968. Being the train-nut that I was, for six months I carried one copy of schedule around with me almost all the time. It wore out. 

45 years later I still have this other one and sometimes wonder why.

Needless to say, Table 4 was the most studied of these schedules, and over everything else too. Had I studied that diligently in high school instead, then perhaps I would have done well academically. No regrets though.

The Canadian railway world has certainly changed much over the decades.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Update and additions: 

In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the Canadian Pacific Railway/CP Rail Montreal to Riguad commuter service was operating close to break-even. 

In April 1970, CP Rail placed their then new double-deck commuter equipment into revenue service.

A new "Lakeshore" schedule, separate from the Montreal "B" folder, was issued for the time change on April 26, 1970.

The Monday to Friday trains.

As was advertised - the look of the new CP Rail commuter passenger cars.

A CPR 10-trip commuter ticket issued in 1969. Good for travel in either direction between Montreal and Cedar Park, for the grand total of $5.55. When the new CP Rail image came in, this card gave way to a strip of 10 separate tear-off tickets.

A cash fare receipt issued for $0.70, the cost of a single trip between the same two stations; Montreal and Cedar Park.

One more look at a CP Rail commuter train in the 1970's. A westbound train having just departed from the Montreal West station heading toward next station Sortin. This photo appears to have been taken from the tracks of CP Rail's Adirondack Subdivision looking northward. The road bridge in the background would be Westminter Avenue. (Massey F. Jones photo borrowed from internet)

Surprise! Surprise!

Look what turned up on the internet.

A single trip ticket for travel on CP Rail's "Lakeshore" commuter trains. The CP Rail 10-trip ticket strip (mentioned above) was almost the same format except pale green in colouring.

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