Sunday, 18 August 2013

5026 Westbound

Changes in technologies that have occurred since summer 1992 have been dramatic. Today the internet allows me to search for information and photographs that could never be found otherwise. 

The above photo was taken on February 05, 2010, by Frank Jolin. Long shadows reveal the scene was recorded late afternoon. Nantes, Quebec, was the given location of the train. This place is indeed familiar. Decades ago Ted and I walked here along these rails and I have taken photos here before.

Back in July 1992 I had thought that much had changed on Canadian Pacific Railway’s Megantic Subdivision since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and indeed, much had changed.

Twenty years have passed since summer 1992 and the changes have continued. At the end of 1994, CPR gave up on their entire railway east of Sherbrooke. Today these rails pictured now belong to the Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railroad and this carrier too struggles and fights for survival.

The lead locomotive on this westbound freight is clearly ex Burlington Northern. Even though decades have passed, owners have changed and paint colours on the locomotives are different, westbound trains departing from Megantic still contend with the same grueling climb to the summit near mile board 12.

From this S-curve a bit more than a mile west of Nantes, the train still had about two miles to go to reach the summit near mile board 12.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum August 18, 2013

Offering a different perspective, the following photo was taken in the same location as the above photo of 5026 westbound, except facing in the opposite direction at the road crossing.

July 23, 1992. CP1849 eastbound just west of mile post 10 crested the grade a mile earlier at the highest elevation on the former Megantic Subdivision and is beginning the ten-mile downhill run to Megantic.

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