Friday, 16 August 2013

A Look at Unique Railway Art

And now for a look at some of the weirder stuff that we have seen on the passing trains while train watching this past week. Graffiti. I'm sure the railways love this stuff.

If you were expecting railway art from the well-known railroad artists such as Ted Rose et al, then you are in for disappointment.

Today we are looking at the unknown railway artists who are akin to street musicians or singers in the subway stations. They place their hats or instrument cases on the ground before them, hoping to win a few coins from a constantly changing disinterested audience. The aspiring stars perform oblivious to reality, dreaming of discovery. Just don't wake up too soon.

What follows though is beyond me. These art shows travel at random and without the artists. Discovery is never meant to be.

Placing a lien against something sounds like something a lawyer would do, or in this case perchance, what a budding lawyer artist would do. Anyway, I'm sure this lien must have been placed there for a reason. Just don't ask me why because I don't understand legalese, liens included.

SWAY actually makes sense if the artist happened to have been riding in the rail car and recording the experience. Can it really be this easy to interpret? Am I expecting too much profound simplicity? I would rather not know and be disappointed.

Good contrast! Balanced and symmetrical if nothing else.

When we look at a work of art we're supposed to see something in it. Honestly, I can't figure this out but then again I have never claimed to understand art. Lady in Red...but that's only my guess. What do you see?

Grand Prize this week goes to this one for originality. Something about this one just sets it apart from all the others.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum August 19, 2013

A late entry into the "Most Paint Used" category caught rolling by westward at Ellengale Park on August 19, 2013.      I have no idea what message or concept this artist wanted to convey. Any ideas out there? Anyway, this box car was once coloured in the once familiar Railbox paint scheme. I can only wonder what the other side of this car looked like.

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