Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Atlantic Limited

Years ago someone unknowingly did me a great favour and photographed this excellent scene with CP Rail’s westbound Atlantic Limited departing from Saint John, New Brunswick.

At the time the scene was recorded, no one could have foreseen that decades later someone else would find this photograph posted on the internet. Thank you. Once more I am again able see one of my favourite trains from the past.

Train 41 was heading into sunset while starting out on its 481 mile westward overnight journey to Montreal. CP 1802 was handed the assignment that evening. In the 1970’s, four passenger cars hauled by E-8 locomotive 1800 or 1802 was the usual consist for the Atlantic Limited.

If Train 41 could maintain its schedule while passing through Maine, then the Atlantic Limited would roll through Milan, Quebec, around 04:25, just ahead of the summer sunrise.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum August 2013

An advertisement for "The Atlantic Limited" as it appeared in CP Rail's April 1970 public time table.

A decade earlier this advertisement appeared in Canadian Pacific Railway's October 1960 public system timetable, right beneath the equipment details of a recently down-graded "Dominion"
The "Park" cars and full dining cars did not last long on The Atlantic Limited either, soon replaced by a "Skyline" car which easily handled the food service as well as provide the train with a dome car nonetheless.

A few 1960's scenes of "The Atlantic Limited"

Train 41 arriving at Windsor Station in Montreal. Note the flat car with 4 x 20FT CP Express containers.

Train 41 at Magog, Quebec, 16 days shy of Canada's 100th birthday. In 1967 Magog was a conditional stop for "The Atlantic Limited", stopping on signal to detrain revenue passengers from east of Megantic and entrain revenue passengers for Montreal and beyond.

Near the end of its journey, Train 41 at Canadian Pacific Railway's Montreal West train station. Need anything be said about the time of year? (Caption details missing)

At 08:50 on a wintry day in March 1967, the Atlantic Limited lead by CP4075 is nearing the end of its overnight run as Train 42 from Montreal to Saint John, New Brunswick. (John West photo)

CP Express containers on flat cars were regular traffic conveyed in this train in the 1960's.

A few more added scenes of the Atlantic Limited...

Train 41 at Delson, Quebec, in the 1960's

A 1960's scene of Train 42 having arrived at Saint John, New Brunswick

March 1967 and Train 42 stopped at Fredericton Jct. as viewed from the glass attic. Note the two flat cars with CP Express containers. (John West photo)

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