Sunday, 18 August 2013

Remember When?

Once upon a time in Canadian railway history (not that long ago really) there was a time when…

…Canadian Pacific’s various passenger services spanned the globe and CP really was the world’s most complete transportation system.

…Canadian Pacific Railway’s corporate symbol was the beaver on top of the red shield.

…the maple leaf was the corporate symbol for Canadian National Railways.

…CNR first introduced the VIA colours on their ticket folders.

…either Canadian Pacific Railway’s or Canadian National Railway’s system public timetables alone were larger than Via Rail’s system timetable.

…Canadian Pacific Express was a less-than-truckload motor carrier service that augmented the railway’s less-than-carload express service.

…Canadian Pacific Railway issued passes to employees for travel on the passenger trains.

…Canadian Pacific Railway tickets came in a yellow ticket folder that boasted "The Canadian" was the world’s longest scenic dome ride.

…Canadian Pacific Railway augmented their trans-Canada passenger service in summer 1967 with a second daily train named the “Expo Limited”

…CP Rail made a genuine effort in 1970 to modernize its marginally profitable Montreal "Lakeshore" commuter service with the introduction of double-deck passenger cars.

…Canadian National Railway’s system route maps showed railways in Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island; and with passenger services too.

…it was still possible to get from here to there by train because passenger trains still operated and made stops at both here and there.

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