Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tanks for the Memories

My apology to Bob Hope but the line fits.

In most cases very anonymous looking rail cars and certainly not the most photogenic.

I could have searched on the internet and perhaps collected a more colourful assortment of examples, however, these tank cars shown below are a sampling of what we have seen and photographed in some of  freight trains rolling by here in the last two weeks.

None of the tank cars shown in this post are rail carrier owned, meaning that the owners are third parties such as (but not exclusively) rail car leasing companies.

No hazardous cargo placards on this tank car; it could be a cleaned empty on the move.

Not all cargoes carried in tank cars are hazardous. This one is for limestone slurry as the details on the side of the tank indicate.

SRAX - The reporting marks are said to belong to Southern Rail Associates Inc. Try finding information about this company on the internet.

The TILX reporting marks reveal that TrinityRail owns the tank car and not Canadian Pacific Railway. TrinityRail is a leasing company and this particular tank car most probably has been leased to a third party for cargo transportation.

This car is displaying a hazardous cargo placard; small red and white diamond shape on lower right above the wheels and left of the air reservoir.

These cars too are displaying hazardous cargo placards.

This picture did not come out as clearly as I had hoped. Anyway, inside the stack-car well is a 20FT tank container. For those not familiar with containers, that is the white cylinder inside the blue metal frame.

The Oddblock Station Agent

Addendum September 06 2013

A sampling of a few of the 20FT tank containers recorded passing through Mississauga on September 06, 2013, while en route to the Port of Montreal. These 20FT tank containers are a little more more colourful than the anonymous looking railway tank cars.

20FT Den Hartogh tank container paired up with a Hapag Lloyd 20FT standard container for the rail trip to Montreal.

20FT Hoyer tank container matched up with a Capital Leasing 20FT container.

20FT Cronos tank container and 20FT Cheminova tank container sharing the same well of a double-stack car.

20FT Stolt-Neilsen tank container paired with an OOCL 20FT standard container. Note the red and white hazardous cargo placards on the side and end of the tank unit.

2nd addendum October 07, 2013

A constant and solemn reminder that we do not live in a perfect world and that the potential for danger and/or hazard is always present and never far away. 

GO trains delayed after freight train partially derails in Brampton

Freight train cars derailed west of Bramalea GO Station on Monday, Oct. 7, 2013.

Chris Kitching, cp24.com
Published Monday, October 7, 2013 8:19AM EDT

Trains on GO Transit’s Kitchener line are moving slowly through part of Brampton after a freight train derailed during the morning commute.

The freight train is blocking part of the tracks west of Bramalea GO Station but passenger trains are passing slowly through the area.

Bramalea GO Station is closed. Riders should expect delays.

Peel EMS says a CN Rail worker suffered minor injuries when four empty tanker cars went off the tracks near Steeles Avenue East and Advance Boulevard at about 6:50 a.m.

Police briefly closed Steeles Avenue as a precaution until crews inspected the derailed cars and determined they posed no threat to the public.

3rd addendum July 09, 2014

One more, not related to the subject, but the scene below fits the title so well..

Another addendum July 09, 2014

The railways are not without their own problems too... on both sides of the border.

Union Pacific derailment near LaSalle, Colorado on May 09 2014

Canadian Pacific Railway Derailment near Caron, Saskatchewan on July 17, 2014.

CN Rail derailment at CN Lyn (Near Brockville, Ontario) on July 10, 2014.

Addendum May 22 2015

Modelling on a tank car?

Certainly not the best choice of a railcar for modelling the latest fashions.

Hopefully the absence of placards meant no hazardous cargo inside or that the tank car was empty.


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