Friday, 9 August 2013

The Midnight Special

Well it was not quite midnight. 

At dawn on a wet and snowy Saturday, December 15, 1984, Via Rail's Train 58 had arrived in Dorval, Quebec, right on schedule at 07:05.

The Cavalier, Via Rail's overnight train from Toronto, had already completed detraining its crowd of sleepy passengers. Clouds of steam were hissing out from beneath the venerable passenger cars as the train waited for the highball to proceed eastward to its final stop at Central Station in downtown Montreal.

The sleeping car conductor suddenly opened the top half of the door of the "Chateau" car, looked out and then called out to me. "Merry Christmas!"

The Oddblock Station Agent


September 18, 2013. CPR's westbound Expressway trailers heading off into night for morning arrival in Montreal.

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